Wednesday, September 30, 2015

60 YEARS OF THE ROCK ERA. This update: 1983.
Motown 25 - Yesterday, Today, Forever - The Jackson 5   
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   Madonna's image with her right hand placed on her right cheek and with the left hand, she holds on to a number of chains wound on her neck.
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-Karen Carpenter dies.
-Almost 1,000 Punk rock fans riot in L.A. because tickets were oversold at a club. 
-Bluesman Muddy waters dies.
-A Texan radio station (KYST) swaps to a fornat that will only Beatles music.
-Motown has a reunion for its 25th anniversary where Michael Jackson premieres his "Moonwalk".
-The Everly Brothers announce a reunion a decade since their split.
-Diana Ross performs a free concert in New York's Central Park.
-Motown session session bassist on countless hits for the label, dies. 
-Radio Caroline is back on air for the first time in 3 years.
-Jerry Lee Lewis' wife of only 2 months, dies. She is his 5th wife.
-The Clash eject founding member Mick Jones.
-Kiss drops its trademark makeup. 
-A benefit concert is held for Ronnie Lane in London. 
-"P.Y.T." becomes the 6th single lifted off 'Thriller'. All 6 reached the US Top 10.
-"Thriller" the 7th single from that LP's video premieres in cinemas. It is the most expensive ever.
-Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys drowns.
Against a blue background, "Say Say Say" is printed in pink and takes up the left and bottom of the image. To the right, there is an artwork depiction of two men holding each others' hands in the air.  
Duran Duran   
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By 1983, MTV had changed the musical landscape. Having a music video, especially one that generated attention or discussion, proved a key marketing tool. No doubt, this boosted the selling power of photogenic acts such as Pat Benatar, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Kajagoogoo. Music videos helped break groups such as Culture Club and ABC. While at first MTV seemed to resist giving airplay to R&B acts, the phenomenal appeal of Michael Jackson- again aided by big budget music videos- opened TV's music shows to a wider spectrum of black & white musicians. 'Thriller' dominated the charts around the world, attracting the highest sales of any previous album. Paul Young from the UK, revived interest in American soul music. Rick James, Mtume and New Edition all kept R&B evolving. Dance floors filled for New Order's "Blue Monday". Malcolm McLaren dropped his influential album 'Duck Rock'. U2 released "Sunday Bloody Sunday", 1 of its key tracks. Tina Turner's comeback began with "Let's Stay Together". Madonna emerged. Heavy metal fans welcomed albums by Quiet Riot, AC/DC and Def Leppard.
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