Saturday, September 28, 2013


#1018 LOST IN SUMMER Anthony Callea
The various "Idol" TV franchises have frequently got it wrong when selecting winners. There are numerous cases that fit that scenario, including Jennifer Hudson & Adam Lambert. One of the most shocking was in the Grand Final for Season 2 of "Australian Idol", where Anthony Callea came second to Casey Donovan. 
Callea was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982. He began pursuing his musical aspirations from an early age, eventually leading to his competing for the Australian version of the "Idol" talent show. After initially being voted out by audiences, Callea was called back as a "Wild Card". His talent set him apart from the others in the Final 12, culminating with his dramatic performance of "The Prayer". As he explained to me in an interview, he was aiming to create "a moment". He recorded the song for release and it flew out of record stores, fast becoming the best selling single by a domestic artist, with a debut at #1. 
In 2005, Callea released his first & self-titled album. "Lost in Summer", written by Peter Gordeno & Chris Porter, was one of its tracks. The song's fun, upbeat sound evokes images of sun rays and memorable hot days.

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