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200 ESSENTIAL 90s SONGS: #20-11. This countdown concludes tomorrow. The next countdown will also commence tomorrow: 200 ESSENTIAL ROCK ANTHEMS. 
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Many new sub-genres were launched during the 1990s as hybrids of various styles were fused to create innovative new sounds. Females infiltrated the once misogynistic world of rap as it evolved into hip-hop. New Jack Swing gave way to New Jill Swing. Grunge exploded around the world. The music industry grappled with dwindling sales and the threat of piracy. Here are the 200 songs that mattered most -in terms of lasting impact, influence and enduring quality- in the final decade of the previous millennium.
Leonard Cohen originally recorded "Hallelujah" in 1984. Jeff Buckley immortalized it on his 1994 album 'Grace'. A new generation discovered the beauty of Cohen's lyrics thanks to the younger musician's beautiful interpretation. Countless remakes have followed since then, but Buckley's version remains the benchmark. His cover is one of the most enduring recordings of the 1990s.
KarmaPolice.jpgRadiohead dropped its game-changing album 'OK Computer' in 1997. "Karma Police" was the 2nd single lifted off the new release.Structurally, the track breaks all the rules. This only serves to make the song distinct and more arresting. Thom Yorke's vocals add drama to its gradual build. 
HEY BOY HEY GIRL The Chemical Brothers
The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl single cover.png
The Chemical Brothers issued "Hey Boy Hey Girl" during 1999. As the '90s approached its denoument, the British big beat duo served the decade's final progressive dance track. Using samples and the latest sounds in electronica, the Chemical Brothers created a #3 British chart hit. It was included on the 'Surrender' album.
A curly-haired young brunette woman with black straps around her shoulders. The words "MARIAH CAREY" on the top of the image, upper-cased.The world was introduced to Mariah Carey via the single "Vision Of Love" in the first months of the 1990s. Her vocal talent was obvious from the start. By the end of the decade, she had established herself as one of the leading female recording artists in history. Carey's debut single was featured on her self-titled 1st album. "Vision Of Love", which the vocalist co-wrote, reached #1 on the American Pop, R&B and Adult Contemporary charts.
JEREMY Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam Jeremy.jpgPearl Jam's arrival on the music landscape in 1991 saw them grouped alongside Nirvana. This was because their sound fit into the grunge genre and the band was also from Seattle. "Jeremy" served as a bridge from that categorization to its evolution into a hard rock/ alternative group. 
Its subject matter dealt with a student shooting himself in front of his class. The theme is tackled head on by Eddie Vedder's potent lyrics. "Jeremy" was lifted off the group's 'Ten' album as a single in 1992.
Beck Loser.jpg
The song that transported Beck from indie act to major label artist was "Loser". This was the track that first drew attention to his creative and unique songcraft. "Loser" swiftly became an anthem upon its re-issue on Geffen's DGC label in 1994. The single reached the Top 10 in America, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia and New Zealand.
KILLING IN THE NAME Rage Against The Machine
Black-and-white photo of man in flames. In black letterbox border is white text "rage against the machine; killing in the name."
Rap and heavy metal seemed worlds apart until Rage Against The Machine's eponymous debut album. Unleashed in 1992, the recording fused the 2 genres and created a new sound. Buoyed by the single "Killing In The Name", Rage Against The Machine's approach has been emulated by numerous subsequent bands.  
I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston US CD single.jpgSinger Whitney Houston's film debut was in the 1992 box office hit 'The Bodyguard'. Her cover of Dolly Parton's 1970s ballad "I Will Always Love You" became a defining moment of the 1990s. Houston is captured at the peak of her vocal ability, re-interpreting a country love song into a stellar soul / adult contemporary re-interpretation.
The single was so popular, it ruled the U.S. chart for a (then) record-breaking 14 weeks. It enjoyed similarly lengthy reigns in most parts of the world, most notably in Europe, Australia and Britain.
'The Bodyguard', which included the remake, soon became one of the best selling soundtrack albums of all-time. It collected a Grammy Award for Album of the Year.   
WHAT'S MY NAME Snoop Doggy Dogg
What's My Name.jpgPrior to the release of his debut solo album in 1993, Snoop Doggy Dogg had already been featured on Dr Dre's widely acclaimed G-Funk classic 'The Chronic'. This helped stir up enthusiasm for new music from rap's rising new talent. 
Snoop soon established himself as one of the fundamental artists in the gangsta rap genre. 
UNDER THE BRIDGE Red Hot Chili Peppers
UndertheBridge.jpgRed Hot Chili Peppers finally cracked the mainstream in 1992 with the single "Under The Bridge". The track deals with the Los Angeles location where lead singer Anthony Kiedis would go to purchase drugs. 
Lifted off the group's 'Blood Sex Sugar Magik' album, the single topped the charts in America, parts of Europe and Australia. 
Its success set off a string of hit singles that continues to produce brilliance, including "Breaking The Girl", "Soul To Squeeze" "Scar Tissue" and "Californication" from the same decade. RHCP created a sound that is a hybrid known as funk metal. 

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