Monday, April 3, 2017

BEFORE THE HIT VERSION. This post: LVIII- TI AMO. Continues: tomorrow.
These songs are well known but you may not know about the earlier attempts to score a hit record with prior versions of the same song.
Ti Amo
Laura Branigan - Ti Amo.png
Laura Branigan scored 2 major hit singles that were originally songs recorded in Italian by singer / songwriter Umberto Tozzi. Having already enjoyed breakthrough success covering his "Gloria", the American singer sang new English lyrics written by Diane Warren when she cut a remake of "Ti Amo". In 1984, she reached the Top 10 with the new interpretation. The song's title means "I love you" in Italian. 
Tozzi's original version was released in 1977. The single was a #1 hit in Italy, France, Sweden and Switzerland. It was later a chart hit in other European countries as well as in Australia.
Each new song will be added to the spotify playlist named: ‘Before It Was A Hit Song’.  You can check out the previous earlier / original versions of the hit songs you know and love.
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