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200 ESSENTIAL 90s SONGS: #50-41. More: next week.
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Many new sub-genres were launched during the 1990s as hybrids of various styles were fused to create innovative new sounds. Females infiltrated the once misogynistic world of rap as it evolved into hip-hop. New Jack Swing gave way to New Jill Swing. Grunge exploded around the world. The music industry grappled with dwindling sales and the threat of piracy. Here are the 200 songs that mattered most -in terms of lasting impact, influence and enduring quality- in the final decade of the previous millennium.
CANDLE IN THE WIND 1997 Elton John
 Princess Diana at Accord Hospice colorized.pngSomething About the Way You Look Tonight & Candle in the Wind 1997.jpgThere are moments in history that are forever etched into the memory of those that witnessed them: the Kennedy assassination, the moon landing, September 11 and the death of Princess Diana. Millions all over the planet were stunned by the tragedy and sat glued watching the telecast of her funeral. 
Elton John's performance of the new lyrics for "Candle In The Wind" was a moving tribute to his friend. Millions that had never met the former Royal were so overcome by grief that the song was released as a single soon after the event. The disc is now the best selling single of all-time. 
SAY MY NAME Destiny's Child
Say my name.jpgJust as the 1990s was nearing its end, Destiny's Child further established itself as a leading act in popular music. The R&B group had followed in the footsteps of TLC and En Vogue but by 1999 had overtaken those female troupes. "Say My Name" reached #1 in America and Australia. In the UK, the song became the group's biggest hit to date, peaking at #3.
You Make Me Wanna....jpgUsher finally broke through as a major R&B / pop artist in 1997 with the single "You Make Me Wanna". Lifted off his 'My Way' album, the single was his 1st Top 10 hit in America (#2), Britain (#1), Canada and Australia. This became Usher's 1st US R&B Chart #1. In America, he has been a regular visitor to the top position since.  
FU-GEE-LA Fugees
Fugeesfugeela.jpgWhile hip hop was focusing on gangsta-rap, along came The Fugees. The trio- comprised of Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel- found success with its sophomore album 'The Score'. This recording marked a turning point for alternative hip hop. In 1995, "Fu-Gee-La" was its lead single. The spotlight soon concentrated on the vocal talent of Hill. 
Aroundtheworld DaftPunk.jpgDaft Punk are the leaders in French house today. "Around The World", a track from the mysterious duo's debut album 'Homework', was unleashed in 1997. Its relentless beat, use of vocoder and repetition of the song title proved irresistible. This track exposed the French duo to a wider audience. 
featuring Puff Daddy & Mase
NotoriousB.I.G.LifeAfterDeath.jpgThe Notorious B.I.G. built on his critically acclaimed 'Ready To Die' debut album with 1997's 'Life After Death'. Commentators and fans alike were in awe of his abundant talent, crowning him a legendary leader of gangsta rap. "Mo Money Mo Problems" became a watershed hip hop classic, built around the Diana Ross single "I'm Coming Out". Puff Daddy's input was key. Biggie Smalls died in March 1997, 4 months before this posthumous worldwide hit.
Right Here, Right Now (Fatboy Slim song) front cover.jpgNorman Cook had first tasted success as a member of UK group The Housemartins. In the 1990s, he reinvented himself with a new musical direction as Fatboy Slim. Fusing funk, big beat and electronica, "Right Here Right Now" was included on his 2nd album 'You've Come A Long Way Baby'. This 1998 release built on the soundscapes he had explored on the debut album 'Better Living Through Chemistry'.
BLACK HOLE SUN Soundgarden
Black Hole Sun.jpgSoundgarden formed in Seattle and dropped the alternative rock radio staple "Black Hole Sun" in 1994. The single was lifted off the band's 'Superunknown' album. It was penned by lead vocalist Chris Cornell.
VOGUE Madonna
Madonna used controversy to become a household name during the 1980s. Only a fool would have ignored her savvy instinct for emerging sounds and trends. This was put to greatest effect in the 1990s and the decade that followed. 
I'm Breathless Madonna.pngHer most adventurous musical period was kick-started with the amazing dance track "Vogue". The song echoed the glamour of old Hollywood while adopting a contemporary deep house sound and camp attitude.
In 1990, "Vogue" topped the charts in America, Britain, Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Firestarter Prodigy.jpg
"Firestarter" set the charts ablaze with its mighty power in 1996. It preceded the release of parent album 'The Fat Of The Land'. The Prodigy track reached #1 in Britain and saw the group make inroads in the US. More importantly, it helped expose a wider audience to electronica and breakbeat in particular.

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