Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I FOUGHT THE LAW. Check back here for the next update.
These songs are well known but you may not know about the earlier attempts to score a hit record with prior versions of the same song.
I Fought The Law
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"I Fought The Law" has been covered by a number of acts over the decades. It was first a hit in 1965 for The Bobby Fuller Four. The disc made the US Top 10 in the following year. In 1979, a remake was released by The Clash. Re-released in 1988, this version fared even better, climbing to #29 in the UK. Other covers include interpretations from Roy Orbison (1972), The Dead Kennedys (1987), The Sports (1997), Green Day (2004) and Jessica Mauboy (2017).
The original version was recorded by The Crickets. Songwriter Sonny Curtis penned the song, reportedly in about 20 minutes, and it was used as a B-side by The Crickets. Curtis had joined the group following the death of its lead singer / guitarist Buddy Holly in a plane crash. The song is also one of the tracks on the band's 1960 album 'In Style With The Crickets'.
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Each new song will be added to the spotify playlist named: ‘Before It Was A Hit Song’.  You can check out the previous earlier / original versions of the hit songs you know and love.
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