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Celebrating 50 Years of Fleetwood Mac Recordings.
PART 19: 1985. The history continues tomorrow.
This Caffé Latté special tribute spans the decades since the release of the group’s debut album in 1968, stopping off at 100 of the best tracks from its 50 years of recorded output as a band and as soloists in chronological order.


The group’s history defies the odds. There’s been several line-up changes; shifts in musical directions and internal relations that rival those in soap operas. Throughout it all, 2 members have remained its core: Mick Fleetwood and John McVie.
The latter 2 founded Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green, in 1967. That same year, Jeremy Spencer joined the fledgling group’s line-up.
In 1968, Fleetwood Mac released its debut album followed by  another 2 new singles: “Black Magic Woman” and the UK #1 “Albatross”. By now, Danny Kirwan was in the line-up. Fleetwood Mac released a series of singles and early albums.
By 1971, Green and Spencer had been replaced by Christine McVie (John’s wife) and Bob Welch. ‘Bare Trees’ followed in 1972, the last album to feature Kirwan. Bob Weston and Dave Walker joined. The former was ditched before the completion of the ‘Mystery To Me’ LP later that year. Weston was sacked prior to the group’s 1974 album, ‘Heroes Are Hard To Find’.
When Welch quit, Fleetwood Mac asked Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood asked him to join the band. He agreed on the condition that his partner Stevie Nicks would also be recruited. They all agreed. Finally, the platinum-selling line-up of Fleetwood Mac was in place. Buckingham and Nicks were now flanked by Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. The first album to feature this new combination was ‘Fleetwood Mac’ in 1975.
Follow-up album ‘Rumours’ was recorded while all of the members dealt with the end of their relationships. Mick’s marriage to Jenny was over. John & Christine McVie were divorced. Buckingham and Nicks had ceased being a couple. Despite the odds, the band created a classic LP filled with exceptional tracks. It reached #1 all over the globe. In America, it spent a total of 31 weeks at the top. The album has sold in excess of 40 million copies worldwide.
In 1977, former member Bob Welch enjoyed solo success with singles from his ‘French Kiss’ album. It featured a reworking of “Sentimental Lady”, a track he had contributed to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Bare Trees’ and “Ebony Eyes”.
Meanwhile, Fleetwood Mac released the highly anticipated follow-up to ‘Rumours’ in 1979, the ambitious double album ‘Tusk’. The next year saw the release of a live album with new tracks.
‘Mirage’, issued in 1982, was a return to form for Fleetwood Mac. By 1985, the 3 principal songwriters within the band had issued solo albums, with Nicks attracting the most acclaim and sales.
- Stevie Nicks
UK: #30; USA: #12
Stevie Nicks - Rock a Little.png
Writer: Stevie Nicks; Rick Nowels & Eric Pressly

Writers: Chas Sanford
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