Friday, June 27, 2014


Lulu was so unimpressed with the contenders being considered for the title song of her 1st film 'To Sir With Love', that she persuaded her friend Mark London to create his own tune. It took him just 5 minutes to compose the music. The very next day, Don Black wrote lyrics for what was to be an international smash or Lulu in 1967. Like the song, the film, starring Sidney Poitier, became a hit.
The single reigned for 5 weeks atop the US chart. It had initially been the B- side for "The Boat That I Row", but US disc jockeys opted for the flip side.  
Oddly, the single was never issued in Britain. The Scot had to wait until 1993 to finally make the chart pinnacle in Britain. She achieved this milestone collaborating with Take That on a remake of "Relight My Fire". As well as proving herself as an accomplished performer, Lulu co-wrote Tina Turner's 1993 Top 10 hit "I Don't Wanna Fight". She still records to this day.

This is a list made up of the songs I enjoy the most, ranked in order of preference: the higher we go, the more I cherish them. Some were released as singles, others as album tracks. Some are obscure; others were worldwide hits or have universal appeal. They aren't always the most famous or popular, but simply a personal choice. I have excluded songs from the last few years in order to get a better idea of a song's lasting impression. I hope you find some new tracks to love, or re-discover some past favourites.
2 new instalments are added each day (every 12 hours) with 1 of the remaining 300 songs as well as moving down from #1201 to 1500, with 5 of those songs added daily.

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