Monday, June 16, 2014


#261 SOLITAIRE The Carpenters
Neil Sedaka composed the melody for "Solitaire", drawing inspiration from Chopin, Roberta Flack and Harry Nilsson. His collaborator Phil Cody wrote the lyrics. He recorded his version of the song for his 'Sedaka's Back' album in 1975.
The Carpenters were on tour with Sedaka when they heard him perform "Solitaire". Richard produced the duo's remake. It was included on the siblings' 'Horizon' album, issued in 1975. Karen's lead vocal is gentle with a melancholic quality. 
Released as the 3rd single from their album, following the major hits "Please Mr Postman" and "Only Yesterday", "Solitaire" reached #1 on the US Adult Contemporary Chart. Sadly, the duo's relationship with Sedaka soured soon after. Reportedly, Sedaka's popularity as their opening act led to his being fired by The Carpenters. 

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