Saturday, June 14, 2014


#263 GO WEST Pet Shop Boys
The Village People recorded the original version of "Go West". The track was issued as a single in 1979 and it charted in the USA, UK and Europe. It was written by lead singer Victor Willis with the group's creators Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo (although the latter's input has been the subject of  recent litigation). Many more people became aware of the song in 1993 when it was covered by The Pet Shop Boys. 
The remake re-tweaked the song. The British duo's Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe altered some of the musical structure and added new lyrics. Along with both members handling production, the Brothers In Rhythm also contributed. Sylvia Mason-James can be heard on backup vocals. The track was recorded in London, except for the choir which was at The Power Station in New York. Their remake was included on the successful album 'Very'.
Dropped as a single in late 1993, "Go West" was swiftly embraced, particularly as a fresh gay anthem. The duo's cover version reached #1 in Ireland, Israel and Germany. The single also peaked in the Top 10 in the UK (#2), Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada.

This is a list made up of the songs I enjoy the most, ranked in order of preference: the higher we go, the more I cherish them. Some were released as singles, others as album tracks. Some are obscure; others were worldwide hits or have universal appeal. They aren't always the most famous or popular, but simply a personal choice. I have excluded songs from the last few years in order to get a better idea of a song's lasting impression. I hope you find some new tracks to love, or re-discover some past favourites.
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