Tuesday, June 3, 2014


#274 WHY YOU FOLLOW ME Eric Benet
American R&B singer Eric Benet was born in 1970. Before reaching adulthood, he was a member of a family act and they recorded an album in 1992. He then signed as a soloist with Warner Bros., releasing an album 4 years later. 1999 saw the performer drop his 2nd solo album, 'A Day in the Life', which featured the track "Why You Follow Me". Benet co-wrote the song with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Chalmers Alford. The former 2 co-produced the album track. 
The album made Benet a force among the new generation's R&B artists. In 2001, he married actress Halle Berry. Benet ventured into acting, He continues recording to this day. His marriage to Berry ended in 2005.

This is a list made up of the songs I enjoy the most, ranked in order of preference: the higher we go, the more I cherish them. Some were released as singles, others as album tracks. Some are obscure; others were worldwide hits or have universal appeal. They aren't always the most famous or popular, but simply a personal choice. I have excluded songs from the last few years in order to get a better idea of a song's lasting impression. I hope you find some new tracks to love, or re-discover some past favourites.
2 new instalments are added each day (every 12 hours) with 1 of the remaining 300 songs as well as moving down from #1201 to 1500, with 5 of those songs added daily.

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