Sunday, December 11, 2016

200 MOST RECOMMENDED ALBUMS: #11. Continues next year with the Top 10 Albums.
Some are the best selling, while others may be obscure, but the albums listed here are all worthy of a listen. No compilation/ best of sets. Only exceptional live albums included. This is a personal listing of the albums I enjoy the most to this day.
 K.d. lang - Ingenue.jpg
The release of 'Ingenue' heralded a new musical direction for Canadian vocalist K.D. Lang. She had built up a loyal following in the country genre. Each of her previous albums hinted that there was more in Lang's abundant vocal skill. On 'Ingenue', that promise finally reached fruition. There were traces of country & western, but this new album sat firmly in the pop/ adult contemporary worlds. Lang contributed to the writing of all the tracks, most created with Ben Mink. The AC genre is often associated with saccharine and over the top ballads. Lang has wisely avoided these traps. Her vocals are endearing and cast a spell on a listener. The tracks on 'Ingenue' have not dated and this remains her best album.  Lang weaves her magic on enchanting songs such as "Save Me" and "The Mind Of Love". There is much merriment injected into "Miss Chatelaine". The key track is "Constant Craving" which served as the introduction for most of the public to the power of that voice. "Still Thrives This Love" is the standout. "Wash Me Clean" is hypnotic. That song is followed by the haunting "So It Shall Be". The quality persists through "Season Of Hollow Soul" and "Outside Myself". "Tears Of Love's Recall" is simply spellbinding. 'Ingenue' captures a remarkable talent discovering her niche and her sound. Lang has experimented and explored further since 1992, but this album is a wonderful starting point.
Highlight tracks:
* Still Thrives This Love
* Constant Craving
* Miss Chatelaine
* The Mind Of Love
* Tears Of Love's Recall 

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