Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BEFORE IT WAS A HIT XLVI: The Only Way Is Up. Continues tomorrow.
These songs are well known but you may not know about the earlier attempts to score a hit record with prior versions of the same song.
The Only Way Is Up
 The Only Way Is Up (Yazz single).jpg
In 1988, Yazz & The Plastic Population reached #1 in Britain with "The Only Way Is Up". The dance hit proved popular in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It also made #2 on the Dance Chart in America. This was a remake. 
The original version of the song was a 1980 funk/ R&B recording by singer Otis Clay. Sadly, his recording failed to attract sales. It was the title track from an album released by the artist at the time.
Otis Clay - The Only Way Is Up - Complete LP
Each new song will be added to the spotify playlist named: ‘Before It Was A Hit Song’.  You can check out the previous earlier / original versions of the hit songs you know and love.
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