Sunday, March 12, 2017

200 MOST RECOMMENDED ALBUMS: #1. The countdown concludes with this post. 
A new countdown begins later today.
Some are the best selling, while others may be obscure, but the albums listed here are all worthy of a listen. No compilation/ best of sets. Only exceptional live albums included. This is a personal listing of the albums I enjoy the most to this day.
Yentl soundtrack album cover.jpg
Music can be empowering and moving. Great songs offer us comfort and encouragement while being relatable. The 'Yentl' film soundtrack allows Michel Legrand's Oscar-winning music to shine. The lyrics provided by Alan and Marilyn Bergman add layers to the motion picture's plot. Streisand performs songs that progress the story, but the couple's gift is that the words can be applied to a myriad of other contexts. 
Any suppressed minority can identify with questions contained in "Where Is It Written?". The point where one decides to challenge the status quo is dealt with in "A Piece Of Sky". Motivation is provided by "No Matter What Happens". The moment when a heart falls under the spell of another person is delicately tackled on "The Way He Makes Me Feel". The loss of a loved one is explored on "Papa, Can You Hear Me?". "This Is One Of Those Moments" celebrates the excitement of a journey into new experiences. There's humour in "Tomorrow Night". "No Wonder" and "Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way?" ponder the option of conceding to the norm.
'Yentl' was a dream project that took years to complete. The soundtrack is a sophisticated accompaniment. Its strongest quality is that the tracks can work even if one has never seen the film. 
Highlight tracks:
* No Matter What Happens
* The Way He Makes Me Feel
* Where Is It Written?
* A Piece Of Sky
* Papa, Can You Hear Me?
* This Is One Of Those Moments 

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