Sunday, March 5, 2017

200 MOST RECOMMENDED ALBUMS: #2. Concludes next week.
Some are the best selling, while others may be obscure, but the albums listed here are all worthy of a listen. No compilation/ best of sets. Only exceptional live albums included. This is a personal listing of the albums I enjoy the most to this day.
Mostly cream album cover with black-and-white image of tall, bearded gentleman holding a snow globe in front of a blonde, cape-wearing woman. In the top right-hand corner, it is captioned "FLEETWOOD MAC" and "RUMOURS" below it.
1975's self-titled album expanded the fan base for Fleetwood Mac, on the strength of radio friiendly staples such as "Rhiannon". This LP was the fruit of new additions Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to the fold. Follow-up 'Rumours' not only built on its predecessor's new musical direction, but remains the closest thing to a 'perfect album'.  Buckingham and Nicks' relationship was crumbling. John and wife Christine McVie were in the process of breaking up. Drummer Mick Fleetwood was dealing with the end of his own marriage. Amidst all this inner turmoil, the group persevered and produced 'Rumours'. Again, Buckingham, McVie and Nicks delivered the bulk of the songs, with "The Chain" featuring contributions from all 5 members. Many of the tracks touch on relationships and transitions, reflecting the emotions that dominated the recording process. No doubt this was an extremely painful and trying period for all 5. It is to Fleetwood Mac's credit that the group succeeded in completing such a solid body of work. Instead of breaking the band, the album made Fleetwood Mac even more popular. Today, the group continues to exist and pack concert venues largely on the strength of this exemplary work.
Highlight tracks:
* You Make Loving Fun
* Don't Stop
* Go Your Own Way
* Songbird
* The Chain
* Second Hand News
* Never Going Back Again 

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