Thursday, March 30, 2017

HISTORY OF THE ESC. Part 26: 2008. Continues: tomorrow.
Caffé Latté  looks back on the key moments of Europe’s annual competition.
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"Molitva", Serbia's entry in 2007, remains the only winning song not sung in English since the rules allowing a country to use any language were relaxed. 
Eurovision was hosted by the Serbian city of Belgrade in 2008. More countries were added that year, which led to the introduction of a 2nd semi-final. Both had 19 countries competing for a chance to be part of the Grand Final. The previous year's scores no longer affected a country's eligibility. 
The 2008 Grand Final featured the host nation (Serbia's entry), the 'Big 4" countries and the 10 highest scoring nations from each of the 2 Semi-Finals. Of that year's 25 finalists, Dima Bilan emerged the victor with his song "Believe". Eurovision would be hosted by the Russian capital in 2009.

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