Friday, March 17, 2017

HISTORY OF THE ESC. Part 17: 1993. Continues: next week.
Caffé Latté  looks back on the key moments of Europe’s annual competition.

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Changes in Europe resulted in new nations expressing interest in participating at Eurovision. The ESC had wrestled with the idea of including more countries while avoiding a lengthy broadcast. 
In 1993, a pre-selection was held for the first time to allow new sovereign countries to compete. The 7 included: Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary and Romania. The former 3 qualified for the Grand Final. 
This was a one-off procedure. In order to restrict the number of entries in 1994, the 7 countries achieving the lowest scores would miss out the next year. 
In 1992, the Top 3 songs were performed in English. The Top 2 of 1993 were also sung in English. Again, the UK finished runner-up to Ireland. 
The 5th Irish triumph equalled the record shared by France and Luxembourg.
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