Tuesday, March 28, 2017

BEFORE THE HIT VERSION. This post: LVI- YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. Continues: next week.
These songs are well known but you may not know about the earlier attempts to score a hit record with prior versions of the same song.
You Are So Beautiful
You Are So Beautiful single cover.jpg
Joe Cocker's version is the best known interpretation of "You Are So Beautiful". His remake was a chart hit in 1974. The single peaked at #4 on the American Pop Chart. 
Billy Preston co-wrote the love song with Bruce Fisher and the original version was included on the former's 1974 album 'The Kids & Me'.
The Kids And Me.jpg
Each new song will be added to the spotify playlist named: ‘Before It Was A Hit Song’.  You can check out the previous earlier / original versions of the hit songs you know and love.
The playlist and other Caffe` Latte` selections can be found at:

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