Tuesday, July 18, 2017

200 SONGS WITH THE BEST LYRICS. This post: #113: WHY? Continues: tomorrow.
A countdown of the 200 songs possessing the best lyrics of all-time. A playlist on spotify will be added at the end of the week.
“…Contempt in your eyes 
when I turn to kiss his lips. 
Broken I lie, 
all my feelings denied, 
blood on your fist...
British trio Bronski Beat tackles homophobia head on with the song "Why?" from its debut album 'The Age Of Consent'. The track refers to the harsh abuse, discrimination and violence directed at members of the gay and lesbian community. 
As the song continues, the lyrics attack the conservative and religious forces that label homosexuals "an illness" and "a sin". 
There is, however, the suggestion of hope offered in the repeated line "you & me forever, fighting for our love". Throughout, lead singer Jimmy Somerville asks the question "can you tell me why?".
Released as a single in 1984, the disc reached the Top 10 in Britain, Europe and Australia. Sadly, its lyrics are still relevant today where gay, lesbian and transgendered citizens are still discriminated against, often with violent and tragic consequences. 
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